Anna F. Marasco is a young adult science fiction and fantasy writer. She has been fascinated by time travel ever since she developed an unhealthy obsession with Billy the Kid. She wanted to travel back in time to prove her theory: Billy the Kid was a good person caught in unfortunate circumstance.  She is still working on building her time machine, so, in the meantime, she will write novels about time travel. Anna  grew up in Utah, but the gypsy in her moved her around to New Mexico and Florida, until she found her way back to Utah. When Anna’s not writing, she finds her joy spending time with the love of her life: her horse, Henry.  She also enjoys reading (her favorite stories are those led by amazing women), monkeys, playing fetch with her cat, sniffing scented candles, and a good pun. But not adulting. She hates adulting. That is probably why she prefers writing young adult books.







Anna F. Marasco is currently working on a young adult time travel novel affectionately named after her main character, Lively. 

Her name is Lively and she wants to die. Her sister doesn’t understand her. Her parents never wanted her. Her grandfather who raised her, the one person who understood her, has died. Her suicide attempt failed, again, obviously proving that she is the biggest loser. Since she now has nothing better to do, she agrees to join her sister on a journey to Pearl Harbor, where they will scatter their grandfather’s ashes, his final request. An easy wish to grant. That is, until she chases a ghost, Caleb, through time and gets stuck in 1941. Now, she has to find a way back to the present before Pearl Harbor gets bombed. She struggles to fight the growing attraction she has for Caleb and the present is far away from him. And, in Lively’s time, Caleb is long dead. Time travel might be the only option for both Lively and Caleb to live; though she has no idea how she travelled and no idea how to get back, and no clue even if she wants to live at all. What’s the point in living if Caleb is just going to die anyway?




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